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ALPS MOVE is a festival for local dance-forms in Southern Tyrol. ALPS MOVE is a platform for contemporary dance and action theater, bringing  various dancers onto the stage of various cities (Lana, Bolzano, Brunico or Appiano).


The festival is an initiative of the  „Südtiroler Tanzkooperative“ (Southern Tyrolean dance-cooperative) - a consolidation of local artists who are active in the field of contemporary dance. It is ALPS MOVE’s goal to promote local dance and to establish it as a permanent cultural event in the Southern Tyrolean culture- scene.


Parallel to this, ALPS MOVE wishes the local dance- scene to reach out beyond the local-regional borders and establish international relations. For this reason, ALPS MOVE has exchange projects  with, for example,  Berlin, Ferrara, and Bilbao. As well, ALPS MOVE works together with international choreographers.

Youth is also the focus of ALPS MOVE’s attention: Jugend tanzt (Youth dances) has school performances thereby familiarizing the young generation with the art of dance. Young dancers are also brought actively on stage.

Dance affects the outlook of the places in which it is performed. It changes them. After a dance performance, one no longer recognizes the place - so writes Jacques Derrida in his choreographies. 

In this sense, ALPS MOVE would like to change Southern Tyrol.


errante teatrodanza, Merano

idea-tanztheaterperformance_Doris Plankl, Bolzano

Kulturverein Muspilli, Merano

Tadanz, Lana

NocheinTango, Lana

Tanzschmiede / Fucinadanza_Martina Marini, Merano


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